Saturday, June 8, 2013

Good Luck Charm

Traded in my morning walking shoes for oars this morning and went rowing in my kayak first thing.  I was the only one on the lake as far as my eye could see.  Not counting all the geese, water snakes, and sunning turtles, that is.  The water was smooth as glass and I glided peacefully through the huge boulders (I only bottomed out twice, yay!), around the bend, and saw a cove on the right.  I can’t resist exploring a cove so in I went…and there was Dave, standing tall in his little fishing boat, furiously signing things at me.

1. Be quiet!!!
2. Take pictures!!!

And so I was...and did  And within seconds he had a fish on his line.

Yup, pretty dang sure this girl is a serious good luck charm.

...unless you're a fish, that is.

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