Thursday, June 6, 2013

Warrants Inspection

Seems like cops are everywhere these days.  I notice this happens every year about this time.  You see, once again I've neglected to get my car inspected during the month it's actually due.  I have a pretty darn good record of getting at least thirteen (sometimes more) months out of those little stickers.  But I pay the price with paranoia.  Now, mind you, my paranoia is actually based in true fact and life experience.  I've only been pulled over twice by the police.  Once at seventeen for speeding, and once in my late thirties for an expired inspection sticker (with a car load of other people's children who delighted in telling their parents about how the cops "arrested" me).  So I know they really do least when they're bored anyway. 

I'm counting on the rumored seven day grace period to get me through till tomorrow and then I plan on actually getting the inspection done early next week.  I really, really do.  And if I end up going to court for a ticket I get over the weekend, this blog will serve as my intent to do the right thing...right?  OK, you're all my witnesses.

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