Monday, June 17, 2013

A Crafty Mama is a Handy Mama

At least that's what I'm hoping my family is starting to understand...what with the laundry room a constant mess due to all my "I might just make something crafty out of this...someday" thing going on.

Now this story has nothing to do with making a dent in that constant laundry room mess, but it has everything to do with the advantages of having a crafty me around.  You see, we've been redoing our kitchen after twenty years of wanting to do it.  The kitchen is now all pretty much black and stainless...and we were hurtin' for certain for some curtain.  We looked here and there and everywhere, online and in stores, for the just right window covering.  There was nothing Dave and I could agree upon.  Nothing.  So, at the conclusion of our search we pulled into a fabric store...Bliss!  We looked at every fabric bolt in the place, I kid you not, and we finally found one that met with both of our requirements.

• color (both of us)

• pleasing print on the back side (Dave)

• a bit of whimsy (me)

We bought a yard-and-a-half for $14 (on sale!), and headed straight home...where handy me ironed, pinned, and stitched two groovy panels.   Yup, I'm pretty good to have around right about now.

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