Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Home Improvement

What I've learned from the kitchen backsplash installation job Dave and I did today.

• I totally like to be in charge of what color goes where.

• I totally like that Dave is OK with me being in charge of that.

• I really, really, really don't like accidentally touching live electric wires.  Seriously, I've learned this same lesson at least five times in my life before...I suppose someday I'll get it.

• Dave and I can get through an entire day of doing tile work without disagreement.  Not even one!  Holla!

• In fact, Dave and I had a lot of fun!

• Cement has a way of mysteriously ending up in my right armpit?!?!  Ya...I dunno....

• While doing mosaic is more fun and whimsical, there's a certain zen to doing evenly placed tile.

• Working inside an air-conditioned home with fans blowing on me is a lot easier on the bod than working all day outside in 95˚ plus temps.

• I'm feeling like a home improvement goddess and have double dog dared Dave to do the kitchen, office, and laundry room floors next.  He said, "Yes."

Woo hoo!!  Let's do this home improvement thang!

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