Friday, June 28, 2013

Gas on the Plane

I had the occasion to fly recently.  Super early wake up for a super early security process for a super early flight...that was delayed one hour and fifteen minutes.

And then I was super sleepy as was pretty much everyone else on the plane.  And many of them were actually sleeping.  Mouths agape, head lolled in a way that I just knew they'd wake up in pain, and I was filled with sleepy dreams envy!

Now, not that I didn't try to go to sleep myself.  I did.  "Try," that is...not "go".  I snuggled with my sweater, I adjusted my head and body just so, I pretended I was floating on clouds (not a stretch), and then anxiety hit.  Not the anxiety about safety and what not.  Nope.  The anxiety about gas.  Yes, putting it out there publically...I'm fart-phobic.

You see, I've been told that on occasion I cut the cheese, step on a frog, pass a bit of gas, when I'm sleeping.  Now, honestly, I could give a hoot when I'm at home amongst those I love and adore, but the last thing I want to see is the awkward "You are nasty!" look from the fella in the seat beside me when I wake up.

Yup, this girl stayed awake...with her eyes shut.

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