Thursday, June 27, 2013

My Inner Hillbilly

I'm totally used to a painting mess.  My computer is pretty much always splattered with paint, I constantly have dirty finger nails, but having my person covered in paint is something I have rarely experienced...until lately, that is.  Dave and I have launched into refinishing our 1950s kitchen cabinets.  LOTS of sanding, LOTS of painting.

And I'm messy by nature when I'm doing art.

And I'm a little on the lazy side.

You see, the little guy and I needed to go get some stuff at the grocery store.  Did I take a shower to get all the paint off of my hands, arms and legs?  No.  Did I even bother to change out of my super faded pink shorty overalls that are held together with safety pins, a hope, and a prayer?  No way.  Did I even take my hair out of the uber messy, lop-sided, bun-like thing that teetered around on the back of my head?  Absolutely not.

The kid (totally unfazed by my look) and I headed to the door and told Dave, "See ya later."

Cue Dave impersonating "Banjo Duel" a la "Deliverance."

I caught my reflection in the window of my car...yeah, I suppose I had that coming...and then we went shopping.

This painting available for purchase at:  Floating Flowers

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