Sunday, June 30, 2013

Juxtaposition Pizza

I love the word.  I love the concept.  I love stumbling across it, and finding myself silently saying, "hmmmmmmm..."

Yesterday I was thrilled to come across a delightful scene rocking juxtaposition...and it made me ever so happy.

So, here ya go, panning left to right:

- a group of folks (men, women, and children) dressed in prairie time-ish garb, singing Christian hymns, and handing out literature.

- a guy with a mohawk selling a 20" Redline bicycle so he could afford to move on to the next town.  If that bike would've fit in my luggage I so would've set him up with some traveling cash.

- a fella selling silk screened shirts with a design of his own on them.  He made a big point of telling me how great the city was for homeless people and how many services there were available.  And then he told me he wanted to leave town.

- a group of people drumming and dancing.

- a bunch of families picnicking.

- a guy on a bicycle with a fake chicken on it.

- a lady holding a dog with sunglasses.

- a man going back and forth hitting, opening, closing, moving, adjusting a row of newspaper vending machines over and over.  And then hitting them all with his jacket.  And then he'd start the sequence all over again.  In hindsight I wish I'd hooked him up with the fella who knew about the services for homeless people.

It was a juxtaposition pizza...filled with slices and bits and pieces of life from all sorts, all amazing in their own way.

I loved it!

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