Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Full Disclosure

Kids are funny.  I mean, really, they do say the darndest things.  For the past week Dave and I have been renovating our kitchen.  We called in the pros for just a bit of the work, but since the counter tops were installed, it's been all us.  Latest thing we launched into was giving the cabinets a facelift.  All the handles were removed as were all the latching mechanisms.  So...all the cupboards that we haven't tackled yet have doors agape.

Our kids:  "Hey, we can't get these to stay closed!"

Uh, yeah, this from the children who have never, ever, displayed any evidence that they knew that cupboards were even designed to be closed....

P.S.  We're installing hinges that only require the suggestion of closing to go ahead and do it.  Even my big monkeys could do it!

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