Wednesday, June 12, 2013

In the Can

I suppose a title like that, with you knowing me and all, could make you a little nervous.  But not to worry, I'm just sayin' that the commercial shoot the little guy and I did today is finished.  And we had so much fun!!  Course I can't really tell you any specifics about it as my contract states that I'd have to kill ya...OK, nothing like that.  Not really sure what would happen, only that it'd be a big "no no"...for now, anyway

Anyway, here are a few highlights:

• I thought we were just going to another call back this morning, but we had actually already been cast and showed up at the real live shoot.

• We went to the wardrobe trailer with a bunch of alternate outfits and the wardrobe person looked us up and down and told us our outfits were perfect.  Yes I did pick out both of our outfits!

• Little guy found the Craft Service table, "I don't mind this!"

• We wrapped our scene mid-day, were told we could leave, and they ran after us as we were walking to our car to tell us that the director liked us so much he wanted us to stay and be taped at the next location as well.

• Little guy found out that they were serving us Rudy's B-B-Q for lunch, "I'm enjoying this!"

• There was a brief bit of rain and someone on the set shouted, "Keep the talent dry!"  And they meant us!

• After multiple run throughs of our scene, they gave me some big shopping bag props to wasn't until I was driving home that I figured out that they were trying to control my crazy habit of TOTALLY talking with my hands.

• They doubled our pay at the end of the long eight hour day.

If we don't end up on the cutting room floor (or whatever the digital equivalent of that is), I'll be sure to tell you how to see it.

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