Saturday, June 22, 2013

Quitting Day

Today's the day.  Gonna give up a nasty habit.  Mind you, the kids rather enjoy this habit of mine and are not at all on team "Help Mom Quit" as they keep diving into my stash.  Dave is just annoyed by the entire thing.  So, pretty much I'm on my own...again.  Yes, again.  I've quit many, many times before...and not that I don't have faith in my quitting ability, but I'm quite sure I will have to quit again someday. 

You see, today is the day that I'm quitting my gum chewing habit.  Every year or so I seem to take it up again...starting slowly with a pack purchased here and there...and then eventually I find myself buying the BIG pack at Costco.  Well, I've known for some time that the end was near, just felt it in my gut, and had a plan to quit after my last pack was finished.  And right now I'm actually chewing my last piece of gum (actually I've got two pieces jammed in my mouth...the better to make bubbles with, my dear).

So, if you see me out and about, and I've got a longing look in my eye, a sad forlorn pout on my non-chewing mouth, just come over and gently tap me on my back and let me know it'll all be just fine.

It always has been...
...until next year, that is.

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