Sunday, September 13, 2015

Bag of Bones

While I'm recovering from the surgery I had last Thursday, I've decided to create a series of upcycled things (bags/skirts/etc/not sure where this will lead me) out of the big pile of outgrown/unwanted t-shirts I've been saving over the years. I'm finding that not having some creative outlet in my life is just not working for me. Seriously, I only made it two days without making something.

So here is my first. I'm titling it "Bag of Bones" and I love it! I remember purchasing this shirt for my big guy at least ten years ago and falling in love with the skulls print. My big guy wore it for a number of years, then my little guy, and then it sat in a pile in the laundry room...waiting, waiting, waiting. And since my surgery was to remove part of one of my own bones I think this shirt, bag, and title are all the more delightfully appropriate.

"Bag of Bones"

I'm not selling this one because I'm so madly in love with it, but others will definitely be up for grabs.

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