Monday, September 7, 2015

Moon Gaze - Part 1

My little guy had an a couple of his old friends (from way back in kindergarten) spend the night last night. I was telling one of them about my upcoming surgery and he said, "You'll be able to hula-hoop again!" I was pleasantly stunned. He was right! I had to quit hula-hooping when I got a blood clot four years ago, but now that the root cause of all of that will be gone, well, hula-hooping here I come!  It's the little things....

My big guy's girlfriend dropped off a canvas bag and a lovely request (I LOVE requests!). This morning I started on her bag.

I started by sketching out her idea.
This is the front.

This is the back.

I used watered down acrylics to add color.

Here's the beginnings of the moon.

Here's the back of the bag.
I'm excited to see how this bag turns out!

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