Saturday, September 5, 2015

My Little Bird - Part 4

My little guy loves me. How do I know? Well, he grabs me and pulls me on top of him and won't let me go. Luckily this time I had some of my paints to entertain myself.

I held one to his forehead. "Are you a unicorn?"

Little guy: "Stop it."

I held one to his nose. "Are you an elephant?"

Little guy: "Stop it."

I held one to his chin. "Are you Santa Claus?"

Little guy: "You're stupid."

But he didn't let me go. That's how I know he loves me ever so much.

And bonus, he likes this painting I did of him as a super little guy. Yay! Here's the finished painting and a few of the final stages.

"My Little Bird"

I added more texture to the costume and
the green part of the background.

I made him a bit creepy here when I whited out
his eyes, but I had a plan. I also added the
tie that held the head of the costume on.

I gave him big blue eyes. These were too blue
and you'll see in the final painting I lightened
them. I also added shadows to the tie and
finished the eyes on the head as well.
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