Monday, September 28, 2015

She was her Own Best Friend - Part 2

I had to confess something to my husband the other day. He's preparing to photograph some amazing dolls and he hoped I could help with that.

Dave: "Do you have any dolls?"

Me: "Um, I have this small Pooh Bear from when I was little."

He went into our spare room where I have managed to start keeping a bunch of my art supplies...and one of my troll dolls. He brought it out.

Dave: "I wish that it was bigger."

Me:  "Well..." and I lead him to our room, pulled a bin out from under the bed, extracted a bag from said bin, and revealed my collection of thirty-seven Troll Dolls. Yes, I've been collecting them for many, many years, some since I was a child.

Dave: "This one is perfect!" He beamed as he held up my diver Troll.

Whew! Guess I dodged the "being called a weirdo" bullet!

I continued working on this painting. I love how she's coming along and I think I actually want a dress like hers. I know I for sure want hair like hers.

I sketched my drawing.
I know it's hard to see.

I went over the pencil with
white paint and then started painting
some flesh tomes.

I began painting white over
the background and I started
painting her hair pink. I
also continued painting
layers on her face, neck
and arms.
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