Friday, September 18, 2015

Surrounded by Flowers - Part 1

I'm dipping my toes fingers back into painting after slightly over a full week's break. I feel a little like I'm starting over as a of course I'm starting with what has always been my "go to" subject matter over the past four plus years...FLOWERS! And happily for me, I've been given a few "speedy recovery" bouquets since my surgery.

Me: "Oh, thank you so much, they're beautiful!!!" And then I'd get my phone out and photograph them from all angles for future reference.

This particular painting is inspired by a lovely bouquet that my big guy and his girlfriend gave me when I got home from the hospital. Love, love, love!!!

I've had this canvas laying around from a previous project
when I just used the left over paint to create a background
for a future painting. Well, today that day came!

I used watered down black to lay out where I wanted
the flowers to be positioned.

And of course I got excited when I started using
color and completely forgot to take photos
of the different stages. Sigh....

I added green to the background.
So much fun painting again!!! Excited to see where this one takes me tomorrow!

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