Friday, September 4, 2015

My Little Bird - Part 3

I got in trouble today. 

I went grocery shopping. I got everything I needed and I headed to the register. The checker lady pulled my cart to her, took out my reusable shopping bags (which were all folded and placed in one bigger shopping bag), and turned the bigger back upside down and shook all the bags out of it. Only thing was, when she vigorously shook out the shopping bag all sorts of other things fell out, too...receipts, bits of oil cloth bags that had fallen off, even some dry grass from the times I've used bags for the pool.

Lady: "That's a mess!" she declared as she looked at her now messy conveyer.

Me: "Gosh, sorry. No one has ever just shaken it out like that. They usually just take out one bag at a time."

Lady: "Well then they're doing it wrong." She got out her pink feather duster and swept the mess onto the floor.

I decided that since I'd already apologized there wasn't much left for me to say so I stood silent as she rang up my groceries that only filled up two of my many grocery bags.

Me: "Thank you!"

I got to my car and wondered if my feathers should be as ruffled as the feather duster's were...but then I realized that I likely had the the cleanest set of reusable grocery bags in town. Thank you, checker lady!

I continued working on this painting. I think I'll have it done by tomorrow. Hope the kid likes it!

I didn't like the face I'd created yesterday so
I painted over it. I also added more detail to the costume.

I worked on getting the face shape more accurate
and I sketched in the details.

I began adding a couple of layers to his face.
I'm starting to see my Little Guy!
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