Monday, September 21, 2015

Stoic - Part 2

My chickens love me. Or at least they love what I'm associated with. Every time I walk out in the back yard they rush me and I absolutely love it. But if I don't happen to have food I'm absolutely positive that I can see disappointment on their sweet little faces. So what do I do? Well, pretty much every time I go out there I open the fridge and try to find something, anything, that a chicken might love. Here's what my spoiled rotten, and extremely happy chickens have gotten to dine on today (in addition to their regular chicken food, of course):

• bread heels
• frozen corn
• egg shells
• half of a tomato
• grass I'd saved from yesterday's lawn mowing
• spaghetti noodles

I'm pretty sure my chickens have a more balanced and varied diet than I do.

I continued working on this painting. It's really starting to take shape!

I sketched in his basic features.

I added more yellow.

It wasn't enough so I added more!

I began working on some shadows and
some elements that were blue.

I lengthened the shadow around the neck,
added a feature to the cap, and defined
the shoulders and arms.
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