Tuesday, September 29, 2015

She was her Own Best Friend - Part 3

Dave and I took Hazel for a walk to the coffee shop tonight. On the way there we passed a delightfully intense dog walking with a big frisbee in its mouth. That dog had a job and was rockin' it. 

Hazel? Well...Dave and I decided that she had a job, too. Her job is being cute. And she was definitely rockin' it!

I continued working on this painting in my very limited time (I was at the coffee shop after all). I just got a wee bit of work done.

I added more white to the background.
And on an impulse I decided to paint
an approximation of her face.
Not sure why this sort of thing
has been necessary for me during
the last few paintings, but
I go with whatever my process
seems to be asking for. I suspect
that I just need to identify with
my paintings in the middle of
the process...but who knows....

I worked on her eyes, the only
part of what I'd done that I really liked.
Then I painted over her nose and
mouth. This also seems to be
a big part of my process. It works for
me. I also decided to widen her arms a bit.

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