Thursday, September 3, 2015

My Little Bird - Part 2

You know how when most people take some time off from work they just let management know and maybe briefly fill in a co-worker about what they might have to cover for you in your absence? That was my experience in the professional world way back when. Well, it's completely different if you're a teacher and need to take a couple of weeks off. You have to plan for every single minute of every single day you'll miss. And while I'm no procrastinator when it comes to work stuff, I'm never prepared so fully this far ahead. It's still a week away, and I've already got over three weeks' worth of activities fully prepared and laid out with post it notes stuck on them declaring the date of the activity.  And now I'm thinking, "This is the way to do it!"

My inner, mostly hidden, Type A personality is grinning ear-to-ear.

I continued working on the painting of my little guy. Not much time tonight as it's Back to School Night and I'll be talking with my lovely students' parents, but I got just a bit done.

I roughed in his face and laid down a layer
of white where I planned to paint yellow.

I added yellow, eyes, skin tone, and I
roughed in his face again.
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  1. Your students and their parents are so blessed to have you! And I'm loving your sweet painting.