Wednesday, September 30, 2015

She was her Own Best Friend - Part 4

This evening has been spent helping my little guy revise school writing assignments. He'd write a bit. I'd nag him to keep going. He'd get hungry. I'd nag him to get back to work when he finished. He'd get tired and need a rest. I'd give him a ten minute break and nag him to get back to it. He'd say, "Oh, look at the kitty." And I would and then I'd say, "Aaaaah, you distracted me from nagging you!"

Anyway, while all this was going on I managed to finish my painting and he got a lot of work done. I feel like quite the to nag, help revise, and paint...all at the same time!

Here's my finished painting. Below it are a few of the final stages.

"She was her Own Best Friend"

I drew her nose and mouth...
a bunch of times. This was
one of the attempts.

I had panted her mouth, but it was
way too small. Then in a rush before
I left for school I made her mouth
a tad bigger. I know, she looks
like a toddler did her make-up for her.

I refined her mouth and I
also decided that she needed
to be holding some flowers.
I forgot to take pictures after this
because I was so involved with
helping with homework tonight.
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  1. Especially love her hair! She's a beauty - worth the wait!!

    1. Oh, thank you! She was a delight to create! Made me long for the being the 20 year old I was with pink hair. :-)