Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Skater Skirt 2

My sweet husband is hanging some shelving for me today. It's that kind that you can just set a canvas painting on top of and it will just hang out there, perfectly happy. I'm super excited to have a way to have my art up in our spare room without committing to nails and such as my paintings are all different sizes and some only live here briefly until they sell.

Anyway, we looked everywhere for our stud finder so we could install the shelving correctly without making swiss cheese out of our sheetrock as has been our habit. We looked up, down, and all around and it was nowhere. Until....

Dave: "I found it!"

Me: "Where?"

Dave: "It's you!"

OK, dude gets points for accuracy. I did find him and marry him...and he is a stud.

Along with our stud finder search today I also made another skater skirt. I used one of the sleeves from the "Bag of Bones" bag I made over the weekend to create an awesome pocket.


I love pockets!!!


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