Monday, September 14, 2015

Batty for Austin, Texas

Well my "no pain after surgery" bragging rights officially came to an end this the most creepy way.

I had just taken a shower, reached in the cupboard to get my deodorant, and when I grabbed it my poor little innocent fingers encountered a great big cockroach. I flailed and screamed, of course. I mean, who wouldn't? And then I saw some serious stars and I wailed and wailed, waking everyone in the house up. It was the most unimaginable pain that is hard to even put words to. My flailing had affected the spot in me where there had been a rib just last week, and I'd made that and the surrounding area quite grouchy.

Five minutes later I was still quite shaken but back to my "no pain" state, thankfully. And now cockroaches have been moved to my "kill on sight" list. It's not a huge demotion from my "catch and feed to the chickens" list, but they should most definitely quake at the sight of me.


And I created this bag out of a shirt that had one of my paintings printed on it. The painting is titled "Congress Avenue Bats". The name of the bag, however, is "Batty for Austin, Texas". The strap is long enough to be worn over the shoulder and the bag itself is close to messenger bag size. I'm so happy I saved all of these t-shirts...and my sweet husband is so happy that I'm finally doing something with them.

"Batty for Austin, Texas" - $25
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