Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Skater Skirt

I owe my original interest in sewing to punk rock. Back in high school I was constantly modifying my clothing to make it cool. I tapered all of my pants, I hemmed thrift store finds to make them fit, and I created a number of skirts out of fabric I'd found cheap or repurposed. One of those skirts got me sent to the high school principal's office and I was promptly sent home due to it being "inappropriate" in the length department.

Over the years I've kept on making and modifying clothes, bags, whatever, and I consider myself to be the "Queen of the Straight Stitch" as that's my "go to" sewing method. I'm not one to get all fancy, for sure.

As I was going through the t-shirts I'd collected over the years I found one that my lovely sister-in-law had gotten my big guy about ten or so years ago. Back then I knew I'd make something out of it someday. But I had a lot of waiting to do. The big guy wore it for a few years, the little guy wore it for a few years, and then it sat in a bag in our laundry room for a while, too. Today, however, was its lucky day.

I present "Skater Skirt" in all its rough, raw, and ghoulish glory. I'm so excited to wear it! (Please excuse the wrinkles...I'm restricted lifting-wise since the surgery and couldn't pull out the ironing board.)


Mirror Shot

Back - I love the pocket!

Mirror Shot
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