Friday, September 25, 2015

Together (working title) - Part 3

My big guy stopped by today after work.

Big guy: "Can I have a bandaid?"

Me: "Sure, where do you need it?"

He held out his hand, palm up, and showed me a big blister.

Me: "You've been doing the monkey bars! I haven't seen a monkey bar blister on you since elementary school!"

He smiled.

I love that! My twenty year old kid has a monkey bar blister. What fun!

And I continued working on these paintings. Working, struggling, and taking care of business. I so love this process!!! Tomorrow will be finishing day, I'm positive.

I added shadows and darkened some areas in the water
and on the sand.

I added clouds and waves.

I sketched out more definition on the kiddos.

I changed the little girl to be looking more toward the
water as her brother is. I also filled in the parts I'd sketched.
I wasn't happy with the boy's left arm so I painted over it.

And...oh, yes, I did...I got rid of the boy altogether.
I just couldn't make him work and decided I needed
a do-over. I cannot tell you how good it feels
to just "get rid" of something that's not working.
But don't worry, he'll be back. :-) And
he'll be even closer to his sister. They are "together" after all.
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