Sunday, September 27, 2015

She was her Own Best Friend - Part 1

After my surgery I took two weeks off from driving...but I'm back in the saddle again. My first mission? Taking the little guy somewhere he needed to go.

Little guy: "I didn't think you could drive any more like a little old lady than you did before."

Me: "I'm being cautious."

Little guy: "Yeah, but before you were an eighty-year-old lady driving. Now you're over a hundred."

Not that he kept complaining, of course. My little guy is smart enough to know that a one-hundred-year-old lady drives faster than his walking speed.

I started working on a new painting. I've had a 36x12 canvas just crying out to be painted. Every time I saw it I visualized a tall female figure on it. goes!

I started by painting a random
blue/green background.

I released my inner Jackson
Pollock and splatter painted a bit.

I added some flowers
for whimsy's sake.

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