Wednesday, January 4, 2012


We, in the Parsons house, are quite focused on the bathroom concept ever since we finished upgrading one of ours last night.  It's officially our favorite room in the house.  If we find ourselves accidentally heading into the "other" bathroom we quickly alter our trajectory (no matter the stage of pants-downness) and hustle to the "good" bathroom.  It truly does rock.

This has me thinking of the significance that bathrooms, going potty, and all surrounding topics have had in our home since our first kiddo was born.  And, in a house of boys, potty humor is always on the tips of our collective tongues.

I have a small notebook, one of my most precious possessions, filled with quotes and landmarks from my kiddos' childhoods.  I took it out tonight, as I'm apt to do on occasion, and found that a HUGE percentage of our noteworthy entries are toilet/potty related.  Here's a small sample:

"Mommy, I ate a big, big, big, big, bugger in the bathroom!"

Vocabulary..."little bubble poop" = fart

"Mommy, my bum bum is eating my big boy pants."

"I poopdied!"

"Yeah, my gas bombs smell bad, but they're awesome!"

Yup...feel the bathroom love, people!

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