Monday, January 2, 2012


We sat around playing rummy tonight, Dave and I.  And, as always, Dave was determined to be a slang trendsetter.  Me?  I firmly believe that slang invention should be left to the experts...those half my age and members of the hip crowd.  Poor Dave is SO not that, not meeting either criteria.

Anyway, we're playing cards, he and I, and he's beating the "shizzinizzle" out of me (am I even using that word correctly?).  Now, that one I like, AND I suspect was come up with by "experts".  I don't watch TV so I'm not up to speed with the current vocab, but Dave does and I'm betting he was taking words for test drives.  Soon though, it's apparent that he's diving into his own well of creativity when he tells me how much "fuzunzle" (fun) he's having kicking my booty.  I'm not the best loser out there, by far, but someone telling me how much "fuzunzle" they're having doing it is not a mood improver.  We finish the game (thank goodness!) and he tells me, "You're welcome!"

Me, being the sore loser that I am, not willing to let him have the last word, I put on my best snarky face and say, "Wuzelcome!"  He beamed...not sure if it was the win, the "he got me"-ness of it all, or overwhelming pride in his wife's new word.  Regardless, I'm glad he was happy.

So, bring it, people, use my new word.  You don't even have to thank me for it as you're already "wuzelcome"!

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