Thursday, January 12, 2012

Doggly Wogglies

Finding myself in awe of my favorite form of four-legged friends...doggly wogglies.  My old girl, in particular.  Our Scout has arthritis (which was pretty much cured by puppy tussling), one blind eye due to a cataract, and now she's deaf in one ear.  Does she ever complain?  Yeah, no freakin' way. 

My sweet old lady, Scout, had to have a procedure done on her ear this morning.  She's home now, still doped up, and hilariously sweet with her amazing disposition.  Yesterday we discovered goo in her ear and turned out she had an ear infection so severe that there's nothing left of her eardrum except for some random shreds.  The thing just burst into bits.  She only yipped once when I did my rub-her-ears thing I love to do when I get home every day.  I peeked in and thought, "ew".  Thing is, she, and pretty much every dog I know, are amazing in this way.  They can be in pain, lose a leg, lose their sight, whatever, and they pretty much keep on truckin'.  I'm in awe of these amazing creatures.  I mean, really, have you ever heard a dog say, "Oh, lordy, my bursitis is actin' up somethin' fierce today, Madge."

OK, now I'm off to try to convince Scout that she needs to take some pain far she's playin' up her tough girl persona and refusing.  "I can take it!"  Perhaps wrapping it in something tasty will do the trick.


  1. My Poor Ol' Sparky got hit by a truck, dislocated a , um, thigh, same thing.

    I'd never had a dog [and was afraid of them] until Sparky adopted me. Literally. He has taught me a lot about unconditional love!

    1. They're the best! And...hmmmm...Ms. Muser, you have me curious. Do I know you?