Sunday, January 15, 2012

Don' be Trashy...Recycle!

So, I started painting about six months ago.  I seriously luvs it, by the way.  Feels like I've been doing it forever AND like I've only just started.  It's my bliss.

Anyway, Dave asked me today if I'd make a sign to go over our recycling bin in the kitchen indicating that it is, indeed, a recycling bin (it used to be our trash can, so this furthers the confusion).  In hindsight I'm pretty sure he meant typing something up and sticking it to the bin.  Did I go that route?  No, siree, I did not.  I got busy painting (see below).  I got to thinking how cool it'd be to have it hanging in the kitchen over the bin and I realized that I haven't hung ANY of my paintings in my own house.  While my recycle bin painting was in different stages of drying, I hung a few...and, hey, I think it seriously classes up the joint!  Now, I know I get obsessive about things, but don't worry, I have no intention of hanging ALL of my pieces (about 200 at this point).  Just a few more, I promise.

As for my recycle bin painting...I don't think it'll make the cut.  We talked about it and we think for the teenage boy crowd that hangs out at my house all the time, they'll only see the flowers and quickly look away as they throw their microwave popcorn bag and buggery tissues in the recycle bin.  Ah, well.  Now to google a simple, printable recycle bin sign.

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