Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dinner Conversation

Tonight after dinner, OK after my and the kids' dinner and during Dave's dinner as he didn't get to the table till we were done, I was talking to Dave about something I'd like to do, something I was excited about, something I had plans for, something I had found a basic model for...suddenly Dave started laughing.

"What?!?!" I asked, totally exasperated by his response to my excitement.

I madly rubbed my tongue over my teeth looking for the foreign object that must have grabbed his attention.  I got a napkin and blew my nose to get that errant bugger that just had to be oozing out of my nose and lingering on my upper lip.  I checked my reading glasses as I was sure they were crooked on my face...again.

"You're cute."  Oh,  well that's OK, I suppose.  :-)

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