Thursday, January 26, 2012

Smooth Move

As a rule, I find being casually dismissed by another human to be quite aggravating.  I will jump up and down, or gee, huff and puff at a minimum.  So, when my little guy did it to me tonight when we were sitting at the table together, me encouraging (prodding) him to keep working on his homework, it had the potential to get really, really ugly.

Little guy:  "Mom, let me use your computer."

Me:  "Use your own computer."

Little guy:  "Let me use yours.  You're not using it."

Me:  "I don't want potato chip grease on my computer.  No."  (Yup, mom of the year here...potato chips are a healthy after dinner snack.)

Little guy:  Giving me the stink eye and showing me decidedly not greasy hands.  OK, now get ready...he waved his not greasy hand an me in a "shoo fly" motion and said, "You can just...," yes, my brickles started getting up, "...just paint a picture."

Yeah, I swiveled my laptop to his side of the table right quick and followed that wise little guy's instructions.  Smooth, little dude...smooth.

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