Saturday, January 28, 2012

Into the Labyrinth

Made the trek to IKEA early this afternoon.  We were so totally NOT the only ones with that destination idea in mind.  We made it in the door and the boys (yes, we brought them both) began duking it out.  We slipped them some cash and sent them on their way through the maze that IKEA is to get something at the restaurant in the belly of the beast.  Note, this was a safe risk as they pretty much get along great when it's just the two of them.  Dave and I looked at each other and realized that we were alone...might as well call this a date!  Yay!  We wound our way through the store, checking things out at our leisure.  Somewhere around the lamp section we realized that we had a blend of our stuff and someone else's stuff in our cart.  Either we stole the cart from a now puzzled customer or an equally puzzled customer had been adding items to our cart.  We took everything out that wasn't ours and gave it to an IKEA employee who told us this sort of thing happens all the time there.  Weirdness!  Dave split off to find the restroom and left me in charge of the cart.  There needs to be a 12 step group for folks like me who can't handle pushing IKEA carts.  I look like I'm totally failing a sobriety test as I try to maintain a straight path with that crazy contraption with four swiveling wheels.  I cannot.  I make it to the frame section, find what I want, and then I half push, half pull the errant cart as best I can to the register.  Time to gather the troops together once again...I call Dave and he calls the boys.  We reunite out front, teenage tummies full, adult bladder empty, bank account down just a tad, good bet!

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