Sunday, January 8, 2012

You're wearing THAT?!?!

It finally happened.  One of my children has asked me, "Mom, are you going to wear that when we go out?"  I thought to myself, "I've gone out with you in a superhero cape, I've gone out with you with plaid shorts and a tie dye shirt, I've gone out with you wearing your jacket upside-down, I've gone out with you with marker drawings head to toe, I've gone out with you when you've had black eyes (not from me, of course, but I felt the eyes of strangers), I've gone out with you wearing only a diaper because you refused clothing.  I mean, gee....

OK, so what was I wearing?   Well, let me tell you the plans for the day first.  Trip to pick up some tile that was given to us (a dirty venture), shopping at HEB, then shopping at Costco.  Nothing fancy, I tell ya!  I went and looked in the mirror.  The blue jean overalls I had chosen were frayed in all sorts of places (not in any risque spots), they were very baggy, faded, and, yes, ugly.

"Would you feel better about being seen with me if I wear jeans?"


Kid was right.

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