Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Mother Fodder

I hear people say that they think we're placed on this planet to find relationships with particular people so we can further develop and become more complete.  Or whatever the gist of that is.  Well, I'm not sure what exactly I'm getting from my husband, growth wise, but he was definitely put into my life to give me something to blog about...at least I'm figuring that's what he's thinking.  Here's his most recent contribution (meaning he freely, and intentionally, gave it to me).

Dave:  "The dad burn terlet thing is caterwompus!"

Family ignores him.

Dave:  "I was giving your mother fodder."  His explanation for the previous statement.

Family ignores him.

Dave:  "Kali, I am not your fodder."  Cross between Darth Vader and some sort of denial that he's doing things on purpose so he'll be written about.

Family ignores him...well, actually I just pretend to ignore him as I quietly scribe.

1 comment:

  1. hahahaha! I dont know anything of what that meant. (were you marching as you wrote this?)