Thursday, January 5, 2012

Our Four Course Meal

Had one of those total family pleasin' dinners here tonight.  Homemade baked home fries, delicious tilapia, thinly sliced avocado, and, the best of all, canned corn.  Delish!  Course it took me an hour to make, and the family only took five minutes to eat it all.  Course there was some kiddo fighting at the table, and it ended with peace and both boys thanking me for the great meal (unprompted!!!).  Course I got caught cussing during the meal prep and for some reason Dave said something about me needing to take my collar off, and it ended up that he was talking about our dog who was being brushed.  Course meal times at the table all together are precious, indeed, and when the kids go to their rooms to do their thing Dave feels free to shake his groove thang all over the living room (think Elaine on "Seinfeld").  Perfect night!

I'm absolutely convinced that I would look like this today, with
tats all over my back, had the massive tattooing trend hit during my 
era of desire for such things.  Happy that I have just the two 
little tattoos I have, one is on top of the other...
thinking that really only counts as one, then, right?

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