Monday, January 30, 2012

Somebody done beat the stuffing out of it!

I'm trying to decide if I'm thrifty, neurotic, or obsessive.  I just spent the last bit of time repairing a bunch of well-loved doggie toys.  They had side tears, legs falling off, were well on their way to decapitation, and guts spilling out...ay-yi-yi!  I had the foul-smelling, dry slobber-covered creatures in a pile on the kitchen table (I WILL be cleaning it off, I promise).  Can I just say that they reminded me of my brother's favorite brown pillow he LOVED as a child...ah, piwwow....  Anyway, each of the doggie toys were carefully guided under the sewing machine needle as it zig-zag stitched the heck out of every injury, most of which were adjacent to previous repairs.  As I was sewing three of the five remaining octopus legs on Scout's oldest beloved toy, Hazel sneaked up to the table, delicately edged her muzzle over the edge, and snatched the stuffed flea, stuffing still hanging out of its side.

"Hazel, drop it!"

Flea retrieved, sewn, and thrown on the living room floor with the rest of the motley crew.  My job was done.  It was like a doggie Christmas here tonight!

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