Thursday, May 31, 2012

A New Member of our Family

We've welcomed a new member into our family.  Does it have fur?  Why, yes it does.  Does it move around unpredictably?  You betcha.  Does it make a racket?  Sure 'nuf.  Does it stay in its spot when we tell it to?  Surprisingly, yeah.  Does it run into walls and furniture all the time?  Jeepers...yes.

When Dave and I brought it home last night I was gushing in the car.

Me:  "I'm going to love it, and cherish it, and take care of it, and give it a name!!!"

Dave:  Well, he didn't say anything, but he smiled really big-like and all.

We carried it in the door and called the boys to see the surprise.

Little guy:  "I've always wanted one!"

Big guy:  "Awesome!

So, my dear friends, without further ado, I want to introduce you to "Rosie"...our new, amazing iRobot Roomba!

What can I say...we love her!!!!  She's the most amazingest, bestest robot vacuum ever!

P.S. Don't write me and say I lied about the fur...seriously, people, you should check out her canister after she's been at work...alarmingly (and delightfully) furry!

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