Friday, August 17, 2012

A Good Deed

So, the little dude learned today that good deeds do get rewarded.  He was skateboarding around the hood today when he spied something on the ground.  It was shiny, so of course he picked it up!  Turned out it was an American Express card.  And this particular American Express card happened to belong to a local business owner.  Little guy put it in his pocket and brought it home.  When I walked in he showed it to me.  Well, one phone call, a message left, and a quick returned call later, he had an offer of FREE stuff at the business.

He and a friend skateboarded down there right quick and scored free stuff...for both of them.

I love when stuff all turns out groovy like this.  Yay for the kid and yay for an awesome local business.  Integrity won BIG today!

"Liking" my blog on facebook is a reward unto itself.

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