Monday, August 20, 2012

Concentrate...You're feeling very stinky.

You know, you go to the gym to feel good, right?  Well...

Me:  "Hey, guys, what did you two do while I was at the gym?"

Little guy:  "Nothin'."

Big guy:  "Mom, go away." (Yeah, pretty standard stuff these days.)

Me:  "You guys just been hanging out?"

Little guy:  "Yeah."

Big guy:  "Mom, you should stink." The kid waved his hand in front of his face to show me exactly what he meant.  Let me point out here that he was about six feet away from me, and if he smelled something foul, it was likely his little brother.

Me:  "I don't stink."

Big guy:  "You've been at the gym.  That means you stink."  He actually nodded his head, trying to hypnotize me or something.

Me:  "I'm a girl.  That means I always smell like flowers."  I nodded my head...totally succeeding in hypnotizing him.

Yup...round 1,591 goes to mom.

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