Saturday, August 11, 2012

Mall Trippin'

As a rule, I hate the mall.  Yes, the crowds do drive me nuts a bit, but I can handle that.  Yes, the slap-you-in-the-face consumerism is a little bit unnerving, but, again, I can work through it.  For me, it's the fact that I have no internal navigation system, and that I'm utterly and completely lost the entire time, that makes me despise the experience.  But, today I found the perfect solution!

Yes, I dragged my kid and a friend of his to the mall.  Now, of course I had to agree that we would not hang out together while in the mall.  I was good with that.  Secret is, I didn't really want to hang out with them either.

So, here's the deal I arranged with them: 

1. They had to get me to the door of first I could buy a new helmet (the little guy absconded with mine recently when he discovered that he liked mine better than his own).

2. They would go do their own thing until I contacted them after I finished doing whatever other shopping I wanted to do.

3. They would help me remember where I parked the car.

This was win-win for all of us!  They had $10 to go spend on pretzels, soda, or anything else they wanted.  They had mom-free freedom for a couple of hours.

So, here's what actually happened:

1. They got me to the door of Zumiez.

2. I meandered around the mall (independently!) doing whatever shopping I wanted to do.

3. Little guy called me at least five times to check on me.

4. They showed up where I was at least three times.

5. They had no idea what entrance we had come in.  (I did!)

6. They had no idea where the car was parked.  (I did!)

Yup, I think I've kind of decided I rather like going to the mall...with my entourage, of course.

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