Friday, August 24, 2012

Pockets are a Girl's Best Friend

I'm all for awkward, I really am.  Mostly when I get to see it happen to other people, but I'm OK with my share, too.  Well, this morning I made the rare decision to wear a skirt.  Rare because, well, I'm awkward in them for the most part.

It all seemed fine and dandy, though.  So, I put my backpack on and headed out the door to walk to work.  Only thing was, I soon realized, with every step I took, my skirt hitched up and to the right...just a bit.  Soon my skirt was about six inches shorter and about three inches to the right.  And it was above my knees to begin with!

This called for some problem solving.  I put my backpack on only one shoulder, righted my skirt, and tried walking again.  The skirt stayed put. backpack had been a messin' with my skirt!  OK, so the one shoulder thing was working except for that my backpack was really heavy.  So, I had to put it back on both shoulders.  This called for more problem solving.  I decided I'd try walking with my thumbs tucked into my pockets.  And, boy howdy, it sure 'nuf worked.  And, awkward bonus...I got to release my inner cowgirl.  Ye-haw!

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