Sunday, August 5, 2012

It was a Swishin' and a Swipin'

Made a run to Target tonight.  All went well, found everything I was looking for, all that stuff.  As I was backing out of my spot I somehow managed to hit my wiper switch and my turn signal. 

"Swipe, click, swipe, click, swipe, click..."

I started driving down the parking lot lane trying to problem solve my dilemma.  I dared not take my eyes off the "road", so I ended up just trying stuff.  And, yeah, that meant that in addition to my wipers and my turn signal, I now had my rear wiper going as well.  I proceeded about a hundred feet, managed to turn my signal off (I do know where that switch is...after all, I've had my car for five years now), but every time I tried to get the wipers off I managed to squirt more liquid and speed up the wiping frequency.

"Swipe, squirt, swipe, squirt, swipe, squirt..."

So, what did this girl do?  You got it, I pulled over (safety first!) and thoroughly examined the switches.  They aren't nearly as user friendly and obvious as you'd think!  But I persevered and after a few tries, the only things running were the radio and the engine.  Yay! 

Yeah, who's a brilliant problem solver now, eh?

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