Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Some Things Just Have to be Said

I had the pleasure of my big guy's company at the gym today.  Well, actually it was the "to" part and the "from" part...not the "during" part.  On the way home we chatted a bit.

Me:  "I love that you went with me today."

Big guy:  "Why do you ruin it by saying stuff like that?"

Me:  "OK, tell me this, what would the mom of your dreams say right now?"

Big guy:  "I don't know, just that we went."

Me:  "OK, going to the gym was cool."

Silence as we drove for a few minutes.

Me:  "I really am glad you came with me today."

Big guy:  "Mom, stop talking."

Uh, yeah, about that...see, the thing is, kid, I think that you do like it way deep down, so I'm gonna keep telling you I love being with you.  So deal, darlin'.

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