Sunday, August 26, 2012

Blended Family

So, you know we welcomed a new blender into our home earlier this week.  And we love it/her/him!!!  And, as we named our little robot vacuum cleaner, Rosie, we just HAD to name our new blender, right?  Right.

First I went to talk to the boys.

Me:  "We have to name our blender."

Little guy:  "Do you have any name ideas?"

Me:  "Chewie."

Big guy:  "Yeah, Chewie.  I vote for that."

Me:  "You're just agreeing with me to get me to leave your room."

Big guy:  "No, it chews up guacamole and smoothies.  I get it."

Me:  "Yeah, that and I'm a Star Wars geek."

Little guy:  "Susie...OK, Chewie."

Me:  "Awesome, thanks guys!"

Next I went to talk to Dave.

Me:  "We need to name our blender.  I've already got three votes for Chewie."

Dave:  "This is a big decision.  I need to process this."

Me:  "Uh, yeah, funny.  'Process' this because it's kind of like a food processor.  Sort of."

Dave:  "Ideas keep going around and around in my head."

I could tell I wasn't going to get anywhere with him  while he was being so darn punny and all.  So, I'd like to consider my name idea victorious.

Welcome to our home, Chewie!!!!!

No need to process or go round and round...go ahead and "like" my blog post.

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