Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Back in Time

I've heard so many people say they'd LOVE to be back in high school again.  I always think, "Really?  No way!  You must be joking!"

Well, today I got my chance and did go back to high school.  Why?  Because the universe must think I have issues to work out there from long ago, and keeps scheduling teacher trainings at that campus.  So, hey, while I was there I figured I had to take a wander around, right?

My memories are scant, but a few things popped out at me.

• The entrance I used back then where kids gathered in the morning and called me "Mrs. T" when I gave myself a mohawk.

• The Principal's office I visited on the days my hand-made skirts were deemed too short.  I was a crafty seamstress back then...with limited quantities of material apparently.

• The parking lot where I parked my car.  I'm embarrassed to say that, yes, I did drive to school even though I lived only half a block away.

• The covered porch where I tried my darndest to become a smoker.  I don't think I ever managed to actually inhale.

It's fun to visit, but I sure am glad my current life is now, not then.

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