Sunday, August 19, 2012

How can they miss me if I don't go away?

So, after an absolutely, positively, amazingly delicious summer break, I return to work tomorrow. 

Me:  "I go back to work tomorrow."

Little guy:  "Good for you."

Me:  "I go back to work tomorrow."

Big guy:  "You said like a month ago that you were ready to go back."

Me:  "No, I didn't.  It was about a week ago."

Big guy:  [shrug]

Well, so they don't miss me now, but they will when the go to the fridge tomorrow, like they always do, stare at its bursting contents, and declare, "We don't have anything to eat, mom!!"

Yeah, then they'll miss me.  Ten bucks says they'll text me that same message tomorrow. 

"Mom, there's nothing to eat!" = "Mom, we miss you so much!"

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