Friday, August 3, 2012

Gunning for It

I remember when my kiddos were little.  The were so cute and sweet...I mean seriously, probably the cutest children ever.  But, as soon as they were able to grasp sticks, I swear they tried shooting with them.  Adorable factor went down several notches for sure.  We were a "no guns" family (still are), but no matter how deliberate we were in our avoidance of them seeing or experiencing violence, they still loved nothing more than shooting something...anything.  (I admit we have become quite lax about this as they've gotten older.)

So, today it was no surprise when I received a text from the little guy.

Little guy:  "Cab j please get an airspff gun"

OK, so obviously he's all thumbs, but if you read between the mistakes, the little dude is hoping for permission to get an airsoft gun.

I ignored his text because, well, I just wasn't ready to deal with it, particularly via text.  So, of course I decided to just pretend he never sent it and hope he forgot all about it.  Yeah, right.

In the car this afternoon.

Little guy:  "So can I get an airsoft gun?"

Me:  "But what if it's a gateway gun?"

Little guy:  "I don't want to kill animals or people.  I just want to shoot my friends."

Me:  "Go talk to dad about this."

Sure I wimped out, sure I avoided again.  I'm good with both of those things.

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