Friday, August 10, 2012

If it looks like vomit, tastes like vomit...well, I probably made it.

I'm writing what I suppose you could consider a P.S.A.  Yup, a Public Service Announcement.  I'm doing this so that no one will ever...EVER...make the same mistake I did this morning.

OK, so here's what started it all.  I'm about to return to work (I've got a lovely teaching gig), and every day, no matter what or how much I eat for breakfast, I'm starving by about 9:00 AM.  Lunch?  Well, it's later than that.  So, every year I try to come up with some solution to my hunger issue as there's no way I can teach and be hungry.  No way.  Last year my bright idea was a snack of hard boiled eggs (this after eating a rather large breakfast at home first).  I'd boil them at home, bring them to work, eat them just before the bell rang, and, frankly, I was good to go.  Until I realized that I made my classroom smell like a fart festival had occurred...every day.  I decided to veto the egg idea much to the happiness of coworkers and students alike.

So, this year I thought, smoothies!  Yeah, that'd work.  I could eat my normal big breakfast, make a smoothie at home, then sip on it during the first hour or so of school.  Problem solved!  Except it wasn't.  I made one last night as an experiment.  Fruit, yogurt, a little juice.  It was a snap.  Except for the fact that I got such a sugar rush off of it that I was a little shaky one third of the way through the drink.  I figured it was time for a little Google action.  I searched for homemade smoothie recipes that weren't made from powders and such.  I found a site!  I was so excited.  Course they mentioned using raw egg whites (the pasteurized form) as a great source of protein.  Bleck!  I simply cannot go there.  But another idea sounded just right.  In fact it was pretty much what I love to eat every day for breakfast, only in smoothie form.

This morning I went to work.  I put the following in the blender:

- cooked steel cut oats (yummy!)
- half of a banana (yummy!)
- plain Greek yogurt (yummy!)
- natural peanut butter (yummy!)
- rice give it that liquidy edge (yummy!)

Well, you know what happened?  I used a bunch of yummy stuff and created a concoction that resembled vomit.  I'm talking visually and taste-wise.

I forced myself to drink some thinking, "Surely this will grow on me."  After drinking what I was sure was at least half of it, I looked in the glass and I had only made it go down about half an inch.  You know what I said then?  "I don't have to drink this!"

I poured it down the drain, apologized to the garbage disposal, and swished my mouth out pronto.

So, suggestions are welcome.  I'm not much of a fan of sweets, so the traditional smoothie or even powder mix isn't appealing to me.  Bring on the ideas, people!

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  1. We have been drinking 4-5 smoothies a week; absolutely wonderful and will probably work to kick your hunger!
    OK...first you need a really good high end blender: we use a Vitamix. THe only other brand that works is Blendtec. These blenders blend everything like the professionals do at smoothie places. Other blenders leave green pieces swirling about and it not appetizing.
    3/4 cup or so favorite fruit juice. Pineapple or mango seem to work best to "hide" the green taste.
    1 cup spinach
    1 stalk and leaf of kale
    1 apple deseeded.
    1 slightly thawed banana (I put it in water in the glass I will pour my smoothie into once done) A regular banana works too.
    1/2 avocado (trust me it makes the smoothie like velvet!)
    1 t chia seeds
    1 1/2 T hemp seeds
    sometimes I also add 1/2 cup of slightly thawed frozen fruit or other fruit around the house. (This is a great time to use up that veggie or fruit that will go bad soon)
    This recipe will make two large smoothies. Good luck!

    1. OH yeah...we add a bit of stevia also. Honey would work also as would agave.

  2. Peanut Butter? Cheese and crackers? Trail mix?