Monday, March 11, 2013

Parallel Super Moms...Able to Break Math Rules in a Single Appointment

You know I'm always going for "Mom of the Year" around here, right?  Well, my big move in that direction was to have my kids celebrate the first day of spring break by, yes, you got it, going to the dentist.  I tell ya what, they were ALL about loving me!

OK, so not so much, but something kind of cool happened during our trip to the dentist.  Perhaps only cool to me.  The kids were only mildly lukewarm about it, so I suppose I'll just have to run it by you.

You see, I ran into someone for whom this first day of spring break was a parallel existence to my own.

My boys and I got into the elevator (after a bit of a discussion with me urging the boys to use the stairs to the 5th floor and them ultimately refusing), and just as the door was closing a woman and her two boys got in the elevator with us.  They had a brief discussion about which floor they were going to, to which my little guy said, "Five."  They weren't talking to him, of course, and they pushed the button for the third floor.  Course my big guy had to rib my little guy for talking to strangers and getting into their conversation...of course.  We got off the elevator and walked to our dentist's door, walked in, and just stood there.

Little guy:  "This isn't the place."

Me:  "Yeah, it is.  They just redecorated."

We went in and sat.

A minute later the other mom from the elevator and her two boys walked in.

Her little guy:  "This isn't the place."

The other mom:  "Yeah, it is.  They just redecorated."

Me:  "I guess my little guy was right about which floor you needed."  We moms smiled at each other.

As we all sat there, all in a row, the four teenage boys each pulled out their iPhones and started doing whatever teenage boys do with iPhones.  I looked over at the other mom.

Me:  "I guess  you planned the same great spring break activity that I did."

Other mom:  "I sure did."

So there ya go.  Two super moms living parallel lives that intersected at the dentist office.  That's gotta break some kind of mom math rule, right?

Wowza, eh?  I know you're simply stunned!

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