Sunday, March 10, 2013

Dumb Blondness...It's simply part of who I am....

I'm often spacey, forget what I'm doing, am unable to come up with the logical course of what should come next.  It's true.  I own it.  I earn my keep, though, because once in a blue moon I come up with something really good, time saving, efficient, and...well...amazing.  I did just that today when I was helping Dave with a SXSW setup.  I won't go into the details, but just know it saved probably at least fifteen minutes and several trips up and down a fifteen foot, somewhat precarious ladder.

But mostly I was wanting to talk about me being spacey because, you see, Dave came up with the best snarky comment to date.  Please know that I take no offense to his comment and that he makes such comments with affection.  Believe me, I'm the first to credit myself with being a dumb blond.

Anyway, here's what he said to me after I had done a classic Kali ding-dong thing.  It had me in stitches.

"Do you think it would help if we dyed your hair not blond?"
(OK, maybe you had to be there, but I loved it!)

Sorry Dave...I've had pink, green, black, blue, auburn, and purple...and I was no less spacey.  You're over twenty years in, might as well get used to it, darlin'.

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